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"May your imagination be the stardust
that fills your dreams with magical wishes."
 (Profits from book sales are used to purchase
and gift books to children's hospitals)


Papa Bear Max with Hippy and Papa Hippy


The "A Magical Wish" Promise
"I promise I will always use my imagination to dream all I can be. 
I promise to always believe in myself and never give up. 
If I keep this promise, my dreams and wishes will come true."





Noah is Papa Bear Max's special little buddy. 
Max would like to ask everyone to keep Noah and all children like him in their prayers. 
A Magical Wish urges everyone to support their favorite children's hospital. 

Have a comment about one of Max's books or a visit he has made?
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"Papa Bear Max is the Best. My 5 year old son Noah had the chance to hear Max read this book (Hippy the Happy Hippo) to him. Noah was diagnosed with leukemia on May 19, 2008. Max came to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and read this book and another one of his books to the children. I cannot express how much this meant to us. Max is using the talents that the Lord has blessed him with to give back to children. Max, I know I have told you before, but I really appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to make the children at St. Jude feel special."
A review from Noah's mom posted on Amazon.com
"This is my daughter's favorite book (Hippy the Happy Hippo). Being a mother of 5 children ranging from 8 months to 18 years I must say...this book is great for any age. There are life lessons to be learned that are of value to ALL ages. Just maybe you could learn from Hippy!"
Reader rating on Barnes & Noble.com website
"While growing up, I spent hours looking in the sky making silly characters out of the clouds.  I think that children have forgotten the simple pleasures in life.  Thank you for reminding us that life is just that...simple.  All too soon we are going to be grown up and too busy to enjoy the silliness that surrounds us.  As a teacher of Special Ed children, I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate the time you spent with my boys this morning.  In today's society there are so many limitations placed on our children.  The children that I serve are double-whammied because they are slightly outside the 'norm.'  It was wonderful for them to hear that they can choose who they become.  For someone to encourage their dreams; that thinking outside the box is the only way to think!  I think that God has chosen you to deliver a special message to America's future.  Thank you for being a willing servant.  You have blessed my life."
Darla Turbyfill, Special Ed Teacher, Newland Elementary, Newland, NC
"Dear Mr. Max, I had so much fun going to see you!  I always every second and every day use my imagination.  I am going to ask my mom if I can check out all of your books, because I think that Hippy the Happy Hippo and Max's Cloud Critters are really really good books!  I hope you keep writing because I really love your books!" 
MB, Second Grader, Fairview Elementary, Fairview, TN
“Max, I simply loved your presentation.  My students talked about it and were excited when they came back to the room.  We are sending some quick thank you letters home with Clay.  I really liked the way you put the book and pictures on the big screen for them to see.  It made it so real with your daughter Andrea being there.  They were all very entertained.  We hope you will find time to come back to see us, especially when you have another book to share. 
Thank you so much!  Best of luck.”  
Brenda Hardison, Second Grade Teacher, Fairview Elementary, Fairview, TN

"Max, I have just finished watching you on channel #3 and want to say how much I enjoyed it and also to congratulate you.  It really is a great looking book and I loved the story. The children were very attentive which is always a super good sign, letting you know that you have created something really special.  Will be looking forward to your next one.  Best wishes to you and yours."
Nancy Fletcher-Blume, Chairman of the Board, Council for the Written Word, Franklin, TN 
"Max visited the Fairview Public Library on April 15, 2009 for our preschool program for 3-5 year old children.  He presented both of his books to the children, who were very responsive to his suggestion for them to use their creativity to imagine Max's Cloud Critters as anything at all!  Hippy's puppet parent was a big hit on Max's shoulder, too.  I heard positive comments from library staff and parents, and we appreciate having the books in the library for patrons to take home with them!"
Kathy Grimenstein, Branch Head, Fairview Public Library, Fairview, TN.

“We loved the presentation yesterday.  Thanks for sharing it with us.  You did a great job.  I loved the focus on imagination and what the kids could do with it.  I am sure they will love looking at the books in the library and buying them at different locations.  They are great books.” 
Kim Daugherty, Second Grade Teacher, Fairview Elementary Teacher, Fairview, TN
 "Thank you for joining Fairview Elementary School during our recent Read Across America Week.  We were so pleased to have a local author sharing published books and an awesome presentation.  We all enjoyed your books!  Thank you for your donation of Hippy the Happy Hippo and Max's Cloud Critters.  We have placed them in the library for all the children to enjoy.  With your presentation, you may have inspired some budding authors!"
Pam Powell, Media Specialist, Fairview Elementary, Fairview, TN 
"Papa Bear Max, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stories with us.  You have a beautiful message and the joy of finding one's own 'inner artist' to share with our youngsters!  May God bless your good works!"
Kim Tenney, Director, WUMC Preschool, Fairview, TN
"My children (ages 7 and 4) received both of your books from our much-loved friend, Lorenda S.  Max's Cloud Critters became a quick favorite, inspiring my children to not only play along with your book, but then to draw their own pictures of clouds for each other to guess.  They not only loved your names, but came up with a few ideas of their own!   I love seeing how their imaginations expand your ideas into a wonderful new game each time they open your book.  Hippy the Happy Hippo reminded all of us of my daughter's first stuffed animal, a royal blue hippo with brightly colored feet that looked remarkably like Hippy!   Though at seven, she's moved on to other favorites, the connection prompted a little wishing (with a twist)...for her own fairy to change a few of her new stuffed animals into REAL animals.  What fun!  Thank you for creating such imaginative books with lovely illustrations." 
Gina Boyd, stay-at-home-mom
Max’s Cloud Critters: Remember trying to describe what images clouds held?  Well, this simple book brings back all those great moments when you said “Hey, I think I see a…”!  Working through the pictures in this book is fun not just for youngsters, but parents as well – and what a great way to spend some quality time together.  Don’t be surprised if each time you do, you find that your imagination grows along with any child.  Hippy the Happy Hippo:  Who says simple stories and simple lessons are out of style?  This wonderful story will help teach your child one of the most basic and loving lessons of all; faith, love and happiness are available to all of us.  And often they are right before our searching eyes – we need simply open them.  This little book is sure to bring smiles to a young face and perhaps older faces as well!” 
Joseph Huertas, Attorney and Air Bus Pilot
Hippy the Happy Hippo:  This book is so inviting at first glance because of the title, color, and illustrations.  The story is a very sweet story that all children, and even adults, can relate to.  Max’s Cloud Critters:  Children will love this book because they are given the opportunity to be very creative.  Hopefully, all children have experienced looking up in the "real clouds" and finding animals.  The names of Max's cloud critters are fun and should make all children laugh with excitement.”
Marion Krege, Educator & School Principal, Retired
Max's Cloud Critters has provided endless entertainment for my four year old son.  Not only does he enjoy looking at the book and trying to find things in each cloud shape, he also spends more time outside looking at real clouds and looking for animals and trucks and people in clouds.  He likes to laugh at the silly names Max has come up with in his cloud critters.  We've really enjoyed the book - both inside and outside.  It's opened a new world for my little one.”
Deborah Debaecke, Freelance Writer and stay-at-home mom
“Upon helping our children open their Christmas presents, I saw the cloud on the cover of Max’s Cloud Critters and was immediately brought back to my childhood memories of my Poppy.  I can remember Poppy trying to explain what he saw in a cloud and then drawing it to help us better understand.  I know that Nanny and Poppy are both looking down from above all the cloud critters singing praises for their family as they worship our Father eternally.  ‘Daddy, do hippos live in Russia?’  This is the first question asked by our son, Blake when he first saw the book Hippy the Happy Hippo.  We adopted Blake in Russia.  This book and it’s storyline about pain and rejection has been an excellent tool to help us explain God’s grace to our children, especially since both of them are adopted.  I hope the magical wish of love and happiness through knowing Jesus can be spread through this book.”
Dewayne and Kelly Krege, Public School Teachers
Have a comment about one of Max's books or a visit he has made?
Or perhaps a picture from one of his visits you would like to share?
If you do we would love to post it here.
Your input is greatly appreciated.

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